Yum Yum Yogurt is proud to serve Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt. Honey Hill Farms produces a number of delectable nonfat yogurt flavors, as well as no sugar added and low fat flavors. Their yogurts are a great source of calcium and protein and are low in cholesterol and sodium, promoting a healthy immune and digestive system.

Honey Hill Farms has over 65 years of experience crafting gourmet frozen soft-serve desserts. They use real dairy, fresh milk, real fruit purees, and high counts of beneficial live yogurt cultures including probiotic. They specially blend our secret flavor recipes to ensure a smooth and creamy taste in every spoonful.

Tripple Chocolate

Tahihan Vanilla



Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel

Birthday Cake


Peach Medley

Peanut Butter

Cherry Limeade Sorbet


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